Diploma in Communication and Research Skills QCF Level 3

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The CTH Level 3 Diploma in Communication and Research Skills is designed to provide additional higher level English language preparation for candidates studying for CTH Management Programme qualifications.

The course aims to raise the candidates’ use of English to beyond Upper Intermediate level (CEFR – Independent User – Level B2), giving candidates additional confidence in their studies.

The CTH English Language courses are designed specifically for the International Hospitality and Tourism industries and the content spans use of English relevant to all hotel departments and restaurant staff, tour operators, resort representatives and travel agents.

However, as the aim of the qualifications and the subsequent CTH Diplomas is to prepare for a career in management in hospitality and tourism, all candidates will benefit from exposure to matters outside their specific field of interest.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent preparation for the CTH Diplomas.
  • Exams ‘anytime’.
  • Results in 4 weeks.
  • UK, professional English Language Certificate.
  • Set and marked by CTH.

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Syllabus Overview

Syllabus Overview

Candidates must achieve the Mandatory unit, providing 38 credits at level 3

Min credit (Mandatory units): 38

Min GLH for qualification: 150

Max credit (Mandatory units): 38

Max GLH for qualification: 150

Mandatory Units

Unit no. Unit title L CV GLH Ofqual no.
CRS Communication and research skills 3 38 150 Y/504/8820
TOTAL 38 150