Diploma in English Communication for Tourism and Hospitality QCF Level 2

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The CTH Level 2 Diploma in English Communication for Tourism and Hospitality QCF is designed to provide english communication skills for the hospitality and tourism sector. As well as an academic progression route.

Aims of the qualification

The aims are to provide a qualification that:

  • enables students to learn English Communication contextualised for the hospitality and tourism sectors;
  • aids academic progression;
  • enables students to gain credit towards higher education;
  • enables students to develop higher level academic skills that can be applied in a vocational context.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements below are intended for guidance only as applicants may apply with a wide variety of backgrounds and qualifications.

CTH accredited centres will assess all applicants to ensure they are able to meet the demands of the course.

Applicant profile

All students.

Recommended entry requirements

Completed full time secondary or high school education up to age 16.

Syllabus Overview

Candidates must achieve all 6 mandatory units, providing 78 credits
i.e. a total of 78 credits.

Min credit (Mandatory units): 78

Min GLH for qualification: 300

Max credit (Mandatory units): 78

Max GLH for qualification: 300

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Syllabus Overview

Mandatory Units

Unit no. Unit title L CV GLH Ofqual no.
EEICTH English for effective interviews and careers in tourism and hospitality 2 13 50 K/504/9387
ETG English for tour guides 2 13 50 R/505/0338
CRETH Customer relations English for tourism and hospitality 2 13 50 L/505/0340
EHLTA English for hotels, locations, and travel agents 2 13 50 K/505/0345
EAS English for accommodation and staffing 2 13 50 T/505/0350
EA English for aviation 2 13 50 J/505/0353
TOTAL 78 300